Mediate Disputes First!! Exhaust All Administrative Remedies; then Litigate as a Last Resort!!                                                          
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Notary Public     Sworn statements, mortgage closing, certifying exact copies(excludes birth     Services               certificates, real  estate deeds &  court orders), power of attorney,                                                                          wills and   trust  & acknowledgements. 
                                   Fees: $5 per notary act + negotiated travel. Exact copies fees: Cost of copy,                                                      negotiated   travel+ $5/notary act. Administrating oath to witness at   depositions.

                     Silver Diner Special: Meet me at the Silver Diner in the Springfield Mall      parking     lot.  or Fedex in Springfield          Travel fee is $25!!!

Mediation:         Dispute resolution at your home or office. Mediation is offered
for domestic relation, business disputes, land and real estate disputes, 
neighborhood disputes,  lawyer-client and contract disputes.

 Advantage of mediation: private settlement of disputes!!!!!!

Instruction:       Legal Research and Legal writing is taught to non-lawyers.. $35/hr                                  
New Notary Instruction   $75 for 2hours 

Tutoring math and science  $35/ hour  session

Paralegal Practice:      Services available to lawyers only!!!

                                 *Settle Estates

                                 *Investigate and document personal injury cases

                                  *Searching land,  court, corporate records.                                   

                                  *Legal research & preparation of pleadings

                                  *Review life, health, and disability claims.
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